Here are the steps needed to be followed by CXOs to start a predictive analysis of their organizational targets:

Collect Data and Observe Patterns

The first and foremost step of starting in any organization is to start collecting data from each vertical and note down their conclusions step by step. The compiled datasets will help CXOs make an informed decision once the data is sorted and observed for patterns. For instance, analytics data of a website can be used to make predictions regarding which time there will be maximum readership on a site. When this time has been figured out, we can deploy various strategies to maximize revenue generation from the users on the domain. Similarly, different strategies can be applied as per the needs of the organization.

Predict outcomes to decisions

Just like we have A/B Testing of our software development cycles or marketing campaigns, we can also visualize the outcome of a certain decision that we take in our organization. Thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, we can devise a strategy to train a model to make predictions regarding the type of decisions that are expected to be taken by CXOs. For instance, a machine learning model could predict the impact of raising the price of a product on revenues and customer satisfaction.

The advantage of using this is that instead of going into the wild and not knowing about the outcome, we can have hindsight about the impact of our decision and take appropriate measures in case there is a chance of a rebuttal or loss. There have been many cases where machine learning models have helped improve the organizational revenue and workflow simply because our everyday computers can process more data and perform more computations than human beings.


Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big Data are the future for all segments in this competitive landscape. Only those organizations will survive who make accurate predictions and informed decisions through the use of these advanced models like predictive analytics regarding their yearly or quarterly targets.