Because of this, the famous videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosiformer Vice President Joe Biden, and Mark Zuckerberg will remain up on the site. Although, it is being said that the platform will limit the spread of these.

It seems like Facebook’s policy has failed to make political figures happy, which were supposed to be the ones most affected by the videos and reason for the ban. Quite unsurprisingly, many of Pelosi’s staff members expressed their concerns about the new rules. Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hammill, acknowledged the change in a statement to The Verge in response to the updated policy, but said, “Facebook wants you to think the problem is video-editing technology, but the real problem is Facebook’s refusal to stop the spread of disinformation.”

Biden’s campaign spokesman, Bill Russo, took to Twitter to say, “Facebook’s announcement today is not a policy meant to fix the very real problem of disinformation that is undermining face in our electoral process, but is instead an illusion of progress.”

Many critics and experts have said that Facebook’s move to ban deepfakes is a lousy measure for the spread of fake news as it prevents a large amount of content from being removed. “I think the new ban on AI-driven deepfakes is a step in the right direction, but it’s disappointing that Facebook’s new policy apparently won’t result in the removal of provably false videos doctored with less advanced means,” said Paul Barrett, the deputy director of NYU’s Center for Business and Human Rights and an expert on political disinformation.

Facebook is only banning the videos or images that are highly affected by AI, which makes them easier to recognize by the automated software and doesn’t need human interaction to decide what should remain up and what shouldn’t. While the kind of edits used in commonly edited videos cannot be detected easily by the systems. This makes it clear that Facebook needs to take serious measures to prevent the spread of false news and to truly satisfy the politicians and tech critics.