How I developed an AI based security system?

AI you may have heard this term a lot but before jumping anywhere let’s look into what AI is and how it can be useful in developing security systems.

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence, in simple terms is the field of computer science which deals with making computers or machines intelligent enough to do tasks that require human intelligence.

AI is a vast field. As you go deep into it you explore more and more things. Things like natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, chat bots all fall under Artificial Intelligence.

Where AI is used?

Currently AI used almost everywhere. Most of you might have been around them. Whenever you use personal assistants like google assistant, siri, amazon alexa, etc. all are based on AI systems. They use speech recognition which is based on AI to understand what you are saying, then the audio file is converted to text and sent to the natural language processing servers which helps the recognize meaning of users query or command. The natural language processing servers return the generated results and it performs the task that the user said.

AI is used in performing tasks such as weather forecasting. Now AI is also used in health care to perform tasks like disease prediction and more.

This was just a brief information of AI and its uses. As this is not an AI introduction based post so let’s move further.

What all technologies I used?

  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning

First of all I installed cameras near my door and connected them to my computer. I performed machine learning on the data given by the cameras i.e. the video. If there is a person or people standing near the door it automatically looks for faces using machine learning. After it has recognized the face it is the time to use a machine learning algorithm and check if the face or person is known or not. After that it sends me a mail on my phone with the image of the person standing on the door. If the person is known it sends the photo along with the name with this message, “[image of the person] [name] is standing at the door, unlocking the door for [name].” If the person is not known then it sends this message “[image of the person] is standing at the door. The door is locked.”

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