Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Mankind!

Artificial intelligence is an act of programming human intelligence in machines via binary codes, that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The computers and other devices are collecting our likes and dislikes, which may sound weird to you but that’s true. Whenever we browse anything on our one app that automatically appears on our every social media app that’s because of artificial intelligence. In the next few decades, our Facebook would know us better than ourselves because it has been following us since we are using it and it has our large amount of data that concludes our personality. If you have ever been to malls and there are vending machines where we put currency and we get juice that’s artificial intelligence because the computer has been programmed that whoever gives you currency give him juice. We all have used ATM machines; before ATM machines there used to be cashier who used to give us money but now the artificial intelligence is supervising the cash system through ATM.

Code driven system has strengthened its roots in almost half of the globe. From satellite navigation to detecting cancer cells in the body, the artificial intelligence is making its way in every aspect of life. The proliferating of artificial intelligence is a direct threat to job employment for people. Elon musk CEO of Space X said in his interview that “there would be fewer jobs that robots can not do”. The artificial intelligence has changed perspectives of war too, whereas countries spend billions of dollars on their defense will no longer hire the man for security as the programmed robots might be stationed on borders with fewer technologists to program them. The pilotless drones are the sign that we no longer need a pilot fly our jets to combat hostile countries. In the next few decades of technology, people will not be unemployed but unemployable.

The prime age of employment ratio in the US is 25 to 54 years. From 1950 to 2010 the rapid increase in technology and artificial intelligence has affected and displaced 8 million farmers,7 million factory workers over million railroad workers, hundreds of thousands of elevator attendants, and travel agents but the work persists. It might be easy for us to see jobs being replaced with machines but we must also not ignore the consequences. It is believed that in future the artificial intelligence will be ruling mankind, it has shown symptoms of its rule from now as we cannot survive without mobile and the internet. In the future, the planet earth would not be good enough to survive as unemployed people will rebel and global warming will destroy the planet.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly increasing in China and the US most of the schools are offering headbands to students and this headband notices whether the student is focusing on his studies or not. In the future, it will be mandatory to wear bands while using laptops or cell phones because it needs to count our emotions where we felt happy, sad, excited, and weird. These emotion reader bands will give us a result of our happiness and sadness. Artificial intelligence will replace teachers with robots where the complete and the best course of all time will be feed in the memory of robots and robots will teach children, teachers can not remember every point of 100 books but the robot can. The artificial intelligence will also be replaced with judges as the whole constitution will be programmed into robots and robots will decide the fate of criminals. The driverless buses in Europe are also a type of artificial intelligence. The airplane will be driven by robots. The banks will be managed by machines. There used to be many clerks in offices to manage records and data but now there is one man with a laptop managing everything because a single computer can do the work of 100 men and we will prefer to hire robots rather than 100 men. The google map we use is also artificial intelligence, even humans don’t know the accurate locations but only a single app has a world map and every street in itself.

In a power plant, hundreds of workers are working to generate electricity in large amount but two plates of solar can produce electricity for one house that is because of artificial intelligence, we shall impose thousands of solar plates in such place which shall guarantee the sunlight and Sahara desert is the best way to do so, this act can provide electricity to almost many cities. In the future we might be asking Facebook for a perfect match of our soulmate, what simply Facebook will do it will recall my likes and dislikes of the last 20 years and try to match it with other and will send me a list of people who meet my field of interests and enjoy the topics which I do. This means our future will be decided by Facebook. In the book of homo Deus talking about the future history of mankind, Yuval Noah Harari states that “in next time when the earth will be eff-ed people will travel to the next planet but only elites, not a middle class nor poor class”. More he says that data will be the religion of people who has more data will powerful. This artificial intelligence is real shit and many scientists are using it to create such a chip which could increase the life expectancy of people and are creating such machines that if a person fell ill will be immediately put on the machines and he will become fine because the machine will kill every disease inside. In 90’s when directors had to take a shot from the sky he had to arrange the pilot and a cameraman, but now we have a drone that is because of AI. It is said by scientists that if artificial intelligence surpasses its limit then the robots will rule us. In the coming future, the chips with help of artificial intelligence will be inserted into a child to combat the different diseases.

The world leaders shall sit together and discuss how far the Artificial intelligence shall be given access. In my humble opinion, if everything is authorized to robots then the men’s future looks bleak.


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