Artificial Intelligence Is Mutual Friend

The Meaning of intelligence can vary in many ways, but the basic idea of this is the same as making your work easier by fixing bugs or not letting bugs enter within your work process. In this world, several things are animate like trees, birds, animals, ants, etc. but only humans are intelligent. because we do not belong to one work or task assigned by nature like other ones. Instead, we create and develop things in the way we want.

But the fact is we make mistakes so for rectifying we created machines. And when machines do natural things like humans or animals with zero mistakes, that is known as artificial intelligence. You may not realize but we all are surrounded by artificial intelligence.

    “Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men” -Marvin Minsky.

How it is started-

Most of us might be surprised to know that artificial intelligence started in 1950, yes, it is. The first computer was invented in 1943 but before 1949 computers were not able to store commands instead can only execute them. Same as if one is doing the work cannot remember what did, so can’t repeat on its own. In 1950 Alan Turing, a British polymath, suggested that it is possible for machines to use the information and solve a problem in a sensible way as humans do.

And now we can see AI everywhere in our life. It is just getting better and better day by day.

The Above graph shows us the growth of AI. Even if it becomes more effective with time, we still must count on AI and Its challenges.

Al is a Mutual friend between all of us –

As I already mentioned that we are surrounded by AI. Nowadays I do not think so there is any sector that does not include AI in it. It may be banking, the entertainment sector or marketing, etc. The reason behind this is we all love perfection in our work. That is why now AI is an inseparable part of our life. For example, smartphones are something to which we are addicted now. According to a study conducted by IDC 4 out of 5 people check their phones first thing in the morning before doing anything else. This is because of the Intelligence of Smartphones. Like if my friends recognize me with my face and voice my smartphone does it too. If I tell someone to remind me something, it is possible that he/she may forget but setting a reminder on my phone will never fail.


Your everyday steps with AI

  1. Google maps: – This only shows you fixed data of your city but also This shows you calculated reaching time to our destination counting real-time traffic.
  2. Voice to text- Google provided voice recognition in the search tab. Where you can tab and say whatever you want to search and the next moment it will appear on your screen.
  3. Smart personal assistant – we all have one common friend in us that’s ‘Alexa’. Google provides us with this personal assistant who searches for us, sings for us, etc. now it is available in tv remote and even works for our home appliance like Alexa will on or off or dim your home lights.
  4. Security of data: – An amazingly simple example of this is we can unlock or lock our phone just with our fingertips or our face. It seems very cool when you do this in the blink of your eye.

There is n number of things we are doing with the help of AI. And there is a lot more in the future. Like self-driven cars which will reduce the risk of accidents.


Final Words –

Artificial Intelligence is no exception to rules. AI has advantages and disadvantages too. Someone may think it may be harmful to humans or some people can accept it as a gift of joy. But Most important is taking full advantage including control. AI will make your life better if you handle it with care.

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