Google has unveiled their Artificial Intelligence features for Workspace apps. The tech giant has invited people in the united States to avail some of the features as part of their testing programme. The public testing for Gmail and Google Docs is available to users in US.

According to reports, the AI in Gmail is can now draft birthday messages and cover letter for jobs for the user. Reports have stated that the generative AI in Gmail will help users draft birthday invites, letters, job application and cover letter. Further it can also shorten or elaborate texts for the content the user has written.

Google has also shared how the new interface will look like for android devices.

The testing has also shown that users can instruct the AI to converting their texts into bullet points.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the AI in Gmail will be able to change the tone of a mail to sound like a formal one.

Apart from Gmail, Google is also updating Google Docs. Under the new updated version, an AI will be introduced that will help in making the text more detailed or rewrite to make it concise. It can draft blog posts, write screenplays and even song lyrics. The feature will have a ‘Help Me Write’ button to expand for revealing an input. The AI generates request for users to thumbs up or down, generate or view another text.

The participants in the AI test programme can submit feedback for Google to use it to refine on the functionality. It will be the first time that the people outside of the company will have access to such Workspace features.

The tech giant will expand its availability and those interested will be asked to monitor a new landing page for opportunities to participate.


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