GPT-4 will enable you to “write a 200 page book in one day”, is that a good thing?

✨If it hasn’t happened already, your feed will be flooded with news about the rumored GPT-4 release this week, it’s the new and shiny version replacing the current GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT).

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The rumors are impressive to say the least; multimodal capabilities (text, images, video, sound), trillions of optimization parameters, and the ability to write a 200-page illustrated book in one day. Personally, I can barely manage to read 200 pages in a day 😅

This is great, but…

🤔 On the one hand, I struggle with the concept of ChatGPT doing creative writing for you. The technique for getting ChatGPT to do your work, prompting, involves providing ChatGPT a condensed version of your idea then having the tool unpacking and expanding it. A few lines of text yields a page.

In my view, the unpacking of your idea is a huge part of the creative process that reflects your imagination, and it’s unique to you. An AI will never draw a parallell to something that you read in a book, or experienced, some time ago.

🙌 On the other hand, 200 pages is impressive.

🧠 I hope this means that GPT-4 is capable of keeping 200 pages in memory, so when it reaches page 183, it can make a reference to something that happened on page 4. Imagine the length and depth of “discussions” that this will enable. Currently, when exploring a subject with ChatGPT, the short memory becomes noticeable fairly early, as it starts to repeat itself. This will not be the case if having 200 page memory. Awesome.

👍 For us project managers, It will be even more useful in creating internal project documents. These involves a far less creative writing process than e.g., book-writing. For a project plan, it means you can feed the tool with key project parameters and it can produce a 20–30 page plan with relevant references.

🤞Another wish for GPT-4 is that it solves to the problem of hallucination, i.e. when it spits out long sentences that does not make sense in the given context. 200 pages are easily achieved if you’re allowed to write total nonsense. I’d rather have it write a couple of pages really well.

🤩 It will be an exciting week, if the rumors are true count on a

massive explosion in video-content and 200 page books at Amazon.

What would be the killer feature that would make ChatGPT useful in your worklife?

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