Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Facts That You Should Know About

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, is receiving a lot of traction for the past few years. Especially after “Sophia” a lifelike humanoid came into the limelight. Artificial Intelligence is a combination of various technologies working together to make a machine or a computer act, behave and think like a human.

In simple words, AI is used to build tools, agents, bots, and robots that can predict human behavior & act on a human’s basis. Tesla’s auto-driving cars, Amazon’s Alexa, and Siri all are examples of Artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to make human life so easy that you cannot even imagine.

The impact of AI on businesses is enormous. More and more business organizations are investing in AI.

Anyways, today we are going to discuss 5 fascinating facts about Artificial Intelligence that you may not be aware of.

1. You would be able to own AI pets by 2025- You might not believe it, but by the end of 2025, you would be able to own a robotic pet based on Artificial Intelligence that looks, feels, and acts like a real animal. Though, AI pets are already available in the market but are not of that level.

2. AI is estimated to have a massive impact on Jobs- It is not something new. Whenever automation comes into the picture, it makes a massive impact on jobs. And the same is going to happen in this case. All the industries are gradually welcoming Artificial intelligence. So that they can reduce their costs and increase efficiency.

It will prove harmful for many people as they will get replaced by Artificial intelligence. Though experts say that there is no need to worry as new paths and opportunities will open with the implication of AI.

3. Sophia (AI Robot) has her own passport and citizenship of Saudi Arabia-

Sophia was first introduced at Southwest Festival in mid-March 2016 in Texas, United States. While everyone was shocked to see the power of an AI-based robot, many people questioned her nationality. Few even spoke about the rights of Robots. Then, later, she got citizenship of Saudi Arabia and became the first-ever robot to have citizenship.

4. Most AI bots are female- Take the example of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Whenever you will ask a question, you will hear a female voice. But why? According to a few researches, both males and females prefer a female robotic voice instead of a male robotic voice.

5. AI will become smarter than humans.

It is no secret that AI is growing exponentially and will soon surpass human intelligence. According to some experts, Artificial Intelligence will be one-tenth as smart as a human brain by 2030, and hopefully, it will be able to surpass the human brain by 2060.

Well, for now, let us not talk about the far future. There have been numerous incidents where Artificial Intelligence-based robots were able to defeat humans in intelligence. For example, on 12 May 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer defeated the world-famous chess champion, Garry Kasparov. And not only that, but it also even learned how to play chess in just four hours.


Well, if you look at it, Artificial Intelligence indeed has the power to make our lives easier. From self-driving cars, robots, to home assistants, the main purpose of AI is to help human beings live more efficiently. All the industries and sectors are wholeheartedly adopting AI to automate work and work efficiency. And as from the career perspective, there is no denying that Artificial Intelligence will create limitless opportunities.

Even though we have come a long way in the Artificial Intelligence field, there is still a lot more to discover.

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