Scaling Marketing Workflow With AI

Scaling the marketing efforts is not heavy lifting for marketers since artificial intelligence merges with marketing workflows. AI is capable of taking away the task-heavy load so that marketers can focus on strategy and creativity.

Getting results from marketing is also becoming a more significant challenge due to increased marketing channels and the need to be everywhere. In that regard, AI tools are becoming useful in many aspects of marketing efforts, from customer profiling to automating content research, from making the data personalized to enhancing design capabilities with less effort, from getting more qualified leads to efficient SEO campaigns.

To apply AI in these marketing efforts, here are the practical AI marketing tools to scale the marketing workflows by saving time and energy.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an AI-based designing tool that allows non-designers to create professional-quality graphics, play around with colors and fonts, create short promotional videos, and impressive single-page web stories.

“We use AI and machine learning to bake design intelligence right into the product so when you’re creating content in Spark it’s like working with a trusty graphic designer who knows all the design principles and always has time to check your alignment or help you resize a graphic,” Adobe states.


Chorus is an AI platform that helps marketers gather customer data by recording and analyzing sales calls. Chorus helps marketers quickly and easily identify opportunities to create messaging and content that sales reps can share with prospects as soon as they mention a specific pain point or problem. Chorus also lets you create “trackers” for keywords or phrases — like a product capability or pricing information — so that marketer can quickly find them in any recorded conversation or transcript.


Grammarly is an AI-enabled document modifier for the contents. It scans the content to identify grammar, punctuation, context, and structural errors and mistakes. It flags potential issues in the text and makes suggestions for improving style, word choice, and more.

Most marketers spend a huge portion of their day writing, whether they realize it or not. And Grammarly is a total time saver for the marketers in their all daily content creation.

IBM Watson Personality Insights

IBM Watson Personality Insights analyzes a broad spectrum of data from social media, enterprise data, or other communication channels and uses it to build out in-depth personas.

With Personality Insights, marketers can discover actionable insights across multiple channels, including social media marketing, content strategy, influencer campaigns, and more.


MarketMuse uses artificial intelligence to help marketers build content strategies and make content more relevant to their vertical. The AI compares the content that the marketer created to thousands of other articles and shows which keywords to target to rank in specific topic categories and recommends keywords to marketers.

Google AutoDraw

Marketers create lots of content, including images, and finding the right image is always time-consuming. Google’s Autodraw simplifies this creation and pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast. AutoDraw has been developed by Google’s Creative Lab, with the purpose of helping people draw on their computers, tablets, and smartphones.

AI marketing tools are changing the game in digital marketing in terms of saving time and increasing efficiency. Prakhar Rawat, a marketing workflow specialist and CTO of, a platform whose products accelerate the marketing workflow efforts with AI, explained in a recent article on LinkedIn, “AI brings forth the promise of automating some of the most manual and time-consuming processes. For example, tagging content assets has been handled manually for many years; it takes hours of administration work to tag content and makes it easily accessible for users. But thanks to machine learning, AI can be leveraged now to auto-tag using address unique business cases or general terms, like common objects, color, and text recognition.“ As a consequence, processing thousands of content assets is now simply a matter of hours rather than weeks. So, adoption of those tools will reduce the manual work, increase the accuracy to draw actionable insights while avoiding any human mistakes, and increase the learning ability to improve with more use over time.


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