More women are leading AI projects: Expert

More women are now taking up roles in artificial intelligence (AI), accounting for nearly a quarter of global jobs in new-age technology, said Hoda Al Khzaimi, president of Emirates Digital Association for Women.

The number of women pursuing careers in AI is improving but not in large numbers because they tend to focus on non-profit industries and AI’s role on sustainability, she said.

Al Khzaimi pointed out that efforts are being made for inclusivity and those efforts are paying off.

“According to the World Economic Forum data, women represent 22 per cent while men account for 78 per cent of global AI jobs. The importance of women’s roles in the field of AI is defined by the profound impact they create to raise AI for good,” she said.

Al Khzaimi is one of the speakers who will address the audience at Khaleej Times’ AI forum Artelligence on Monday, September 13.

She noted that women are spearheading pioneering subjects in artificial intelligence to facilitate the accessibility of resources across the globe.

Highlighting the challenges faced by women in the AI industry, the Emirates Digital Association for Women’s president said it’s important to ensure that AI-based jobs are diverse enough to include technical and non-technical roles to a wider scale of women.

“Today, with the Covid-19 curve hitting remote working frameworks job, flexibility for working women is taking a lead in terms of defining priorities,” she added.


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