How Artificial Intelligence-Based Technologies Can Assist Farmers

Agriculture Engineering and Technology interventions assisted farmers in ushering in the Green Revolution, which helped the country sail toward Food Security and become a net food surplus nation. Science advancements have continued to assist farmers in meeting challenges.

With the advancement of Information Technology, Mobile Phones, GIS, Robotics, and now Artificial Intelligence, Agronomists and Scientists are becoming increasingly interested in addressing agricultural issues.

With a huge amount of information supported by AI, on weather, prices of inputs, and Agri produce, farmers can plan field & soil preparation, place orders for the purchase of seeds and inputs, pick time window for crop sowing, harvesting, plan storage doe staggered supply of products in markets to benefit from market price discovery. This in turn also mitigates the risk of market fluctuation and fall and rise in prices for the consumers.

The AI provides market insights that guide farmers’ decisions, for example, consumers searching for millets will be interpreted as increasing demand for millets and farmers can take a cue to sow millets to reap profits instead of any other cereal or grain.

By combining weather forecasts with their unique business insights, the technology enables supply chain managers to make faster, more informed decisions.

When farmers and Agtech companies face supply chain challenges as a result of an emergency, pandemic, or disaster, it’s critical that they have access to near real-time location-specific weather and traffic views.

This will assist farmers in making the best decisions regarding harvesting, processing, storage, and supply of their produce, as well as agtech companies in managing on-the-ground operations such as logistics.

Cold chains and producers of fresh fruits and vegetables can hyper-locate the start and end locations, giving them complete visibility into current and future weather conditions while transporting their produce across cities before it spoils. Concluding this, we can say that the convergence of AI & GIS is generating enormous opportunities in the agriculture & allied sector.

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