Egypt: The Ethical Codes We Teach Artificial Intelligence Will Determine Humanity’s Future, Says Egyptian Author

You and I, not the coders of artificial intelligence, write the ethical code which will determine whether this technology, with its own agency and soon to be smarter than us, will lead us into a utopia or a dystopia.

‘The episode of us being the humans followed by the apes is about to end. By 2029, by most predictions of experts of artificial intelligence (AI), the smartest being on the planet is going to be a machine. And you know how it is. If they don’t have our best interest, in the mind of that machine will we become the apes?” said Egyptian entrepreneur and writer Mo Gawdat, the former chief business officer for Google X, at a Daily Maverick webinar on Wednesday.

In the webinar, former BBC foreign correspondent Karen Allen discussed with Gawdat how we are teaching AI ethical codes that will alter the course of humanity.

Gawdat recently published his second bestselling book, Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World.

The book gets the reader to imagine they are in 2055, and explains the story of what happened between now and then to get there, going through the advancement of…

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