My AI: Why personalized artificial intelligence could be the next big thing in tech

In this podcast, Julianne Pepitone sits down with Rob Pulciani, Executive Vice President of AI and Machine Learning Product at Capital One to talk about the AI algorithms already embedded in the customer experience today and what deeper personalization of those tools will look like in the future.



On the company side of things, I’m curious what kind of guardrails have to be in place, to ensure data security and privacy, as you said it needs to be handled responsibly. So are those conversations happening now, and what do you think is required to keep this safe, and beneficial for everyone? 


So, first off it’s worth noting that machine learning can never come to life without data, and access to that data, and being able to understand that data. So data transformation in terms of our data ecosystem at Capital One has been a journey that we’ve been on for a while now, in order to, you know, give those personalized experiences to our millions of customers. And as we think about guardrails for privacy, it’s really important that we keep track of the real value that we’re delivering to our customers and maintaining high standards for our user privacy, transparency, and security. We need to make sure that we’re getting the proper permissions from consumers, and they’re fully aware of the value trade off. I think that’s the most important aspect: making sure that the value is there, and making sure that customers understand how their data’s being used, and that they’re in control of it.

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