Top DATA SCIENCE Cheatsheets (ML, DL, Python, R, SQL, Maths & Statistics)

For my readers’ convenience, I have segregated the best cheat sheets (comprehensive yet concise) separately for each of the below topics. . .

  1. Python (Basic python as well as ML libraries : Numpy /Pandas/Matplotlib/Seaborn)
  2. R
  3. SQL
  4. Data Visualization Tools ( Tableau, Power BI)
  5. Maths and Statistics
  6. Machine Learning Algorithms (Supervised and Unsupervised)
  7. Deep Learning (Neural Networks, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch)
  8. IDE/OS (GitHub, Linux, SkLearn, Jupyter Notebook)



Pytorch Deep Learning Implementation (example)

Final Thoughts

So that was my effort in segregating and collecting the best cheat sheets on various Data Science facets. I hope it helps. In case I missed any or you guys have any suggestion or query, please do add your comments below.

I will be more than happy to add them to the list above!

Happy Learning!!

Cheers 🙂


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