NightCafe Creator Launches AI-generated Art Technology Studio in the U.S.

NightCafe Creator, an online AI art generator application, today announced the launch of a new art generation technology called VQGAN+CLIP on their platform. VQGAN+CLIP is a powerful new text-to-image art generation method that can generate incredible artworks from nothing but a text prompt.

NightCafe Creator was founded in November 2019 in Cairns, Australia by Angus Russell, a software engineer at Atlassian. Over 650,000 AI-generated artworks have been created on the platform, with the number rapidly increasing since the release of VQGAN+CLIP. The text-to-image AI art generator has been released in beta, with plans to advance functionality over the coming months.

“With NightCafe Creator, we want all consumers of every artistic aptitude to be able to use AI technology in a creative way,” said Angus Russell, founder of NightCafe. “NightCafe deploys the latest AI technology but with a very simple user interface for even the most novice user.”

“Previous text-to-image methods had been interesting, but not good enough to add to NightCafe Creator. VQGAN+CLIP was an order of magnitude better, and the NightCafe team worked quickly to add it to our offering,” explained Angus.

Digital mixed-media artist and academic pioneer Anne Spalter founded the original digital fine arts programs at Brown University and The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the 1990s and is an avid user of NightCafe. She teaches the AI art platform to her audiences because she believes “the new text-to-image feature in Night Cafe is a powerful and surprisingly fun way to generate new visual ideas.”

The name, “NightCafe” is a nod to Vincent Van Gogh, who has a painting called “The Night Café.” VQGAN+CLIP is the second AI art generation method available on NightCafe Creator. The original is a technique called “Neural Style Transfer,” invented by Leon Gatys in 2015 that allows any image to be re-imagined in any style.

About NightCafe Studio
NightCafe Studio is on a mission to democratize art creation. Contrary to what many believe, AI in the art world is not here to make artists redundant. It’s here to make art creation accessible to the masses. We now live in a world where you can simply ask a computer what art you want it to create. This needs to be experienced by anyone who is interested, not just those with coding experience.

VQGAN+CLIP is the combination of two separate state-of-the-art AI algorithms. VQGAN is a generative adversarial neural network that is good at generating images. CLIP is a neural network created by Elon Musk’s Open AI that can judge how well an image matches a prompt.

The two open-source algorithms were combined by hackers like Katherine Crowson and Ryan Murdock in online interactive programming environments called notebooks. This made it possible for anyone willing to learn how to use the notebooks to turn text prompts into art.


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