Your Ecommerce Efforts Amplified

Your Ecommerce Efforts Amplified

When you run a business with an ecommerce shop, it’s easy to believe that the only way the digital world can benefit you is by offering online checkout. Fortunately, this isn’t the case, and there are many ways a digital transformation can benefit your online business.

Today on the Adolfo Eliazat tech blog, we touch on a few ways that even small businesses can harness the power of digital technology.

What Is Digital Transformation?

When we talk about digital transformation, what we mean is the combination of efforts used to get your business up to date with current technology. This happens through a series of processes, including integration, online marketing, and building a strong web presence. Digital transformation can also refer to the tools that your business uses to improve employee productivity, increase efficiency, and keep up with your inventory and sales. Prioritizing online capabilities comes with many benefits, but key to these is that it will improve your customers’ experiences, which will have a snowball effect that results in higher profits and a broader market base.

Updated Endeavors

You do not have to be in IT to set in motion events that will improve your digital infrastructure. These might include:


  • Using artificial intelligence on your website. Artificial intelligence has been discussed many times on this blog. While it is easy to believe that AI is only useful for large companies, the truth is that even small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from non-human intelligence. One example: chatbots. A chatbot can be programmed to answer many of the most common questions you receive on your website. The benefits here are that you are not using manpower and that your customers get answers quickly, which is important in an age when, as Stevens Institute of Technology points out, we no longer want to wait.


  • Offering a mobile application. Mobile applications are convenient and, when designed well, don’t take up a great deal of space on your customers’ devices. Most importantly, your business should offer a mobile app because nine out of 10 of your customers are already shopping online.


  • Prioritizing social media. Your e-commerce efforts don’t have to stop at your website. You can utilize social media as part of your digital transformation. Facebook, in particular, also comes with the added benefit of offering business pages and multiple opportunities to link to and sell your product directly from the Facebook app through Marketplace.


  • Using an ERP. ERP means enterprise resource management. This is a type of software/application which helps your business automate and aggregate data. You can utilize ERP to keep up with sales and inventory, and this type of program can easily be integrated into your e-commerce shop to reduce the redundancy associated with manually entering orders and then manually pulling from your inventory.


  • Harnessing the power of analytics to upsell. The data you collect on your customers is a powerful tool to help you suss out possible up-selling opportunities. For example, if you find that your customers often purchase shoes and pants at the same time, you can create a way to reach out (pop-up ads, follow-up emails, etc.) to your customers with deals and specials on complementary items.

We all know the internet isn’t going away anytime soon. Harnessing the power of the web can amplify your e-commerce efforts so that you can grow your business and keep up with your customers. Make today the day you begin your digital transformation. You won’t regret it, but you may regret waiting since technology slows for no one.

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