Movies to understand how Artificial Intelligence works

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than ever in human life, It was used to create social networking algorithms such as Facebook or TikTok, to show suggestions on streaming platforms like Spotify, or to automate search results on Google.

This concept was first used in 1956 at the Dartmouth College Conference. In the United States and beyond, cinema has not stopped using it to create generally not-so-optimistic stories about topics such as human substitution and the car uprising.

Understanding everything that happens around this discipline of computer science is not always so simple. For this reason, Infobae has compiled this list of movies to help you understand artificial intelligence in a practical and entertaining way.

1990 matrix

1999 science fiction film1999 science fiction film

In addition to being very popular in several countries around the world, it has been considered a cult film. Belongs to the genres of action and science fiction. It was directed by sisters Lily and Lana Wachowski, who tell the story of how computer programmer Thomas Anderson, better known as Neo, discovers that mankind is dominated by an artificial intelligence system that does not even realize it and therefore joins group resistance to escape. enemy.

Former Machina since 2014

2014 science fiction film2014 science fiction film

This British film was directed by Alex Garland and won an Oscar in 2015 for Best Special Effects.

The story consists of a programming intern who wins a vacancy to participate in a research project in which his role is to monitor and investigate a female android created with artificial general intelligence so he has the same power as a human.

While developing the story, a young scientist falls in love with a robot named Eva, but he uses her to escape from the place where they were locked up. As the minutes go by, the film becomes cloudy when it is discovered that the creator of Eva has already created other androids that have been sexually abused.

It can be said that this film in the way of “Hollywood” opens the general artificial intelligence and deep learning systems, that by developing algorithms and neural networks it tries to make machines have similar reasoning about humans and other animals.

2001: 1968 Space Odyssey

1968 science fiction film1968 science fiction film

This film is a famous classic directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on the writer Arthur S. “Sentinel” on Clark’s literary work. Movie Invites us to think about philosophical dilemmas such as the evolution of the human species and its future, technologies and life on other planets.

The story goes back to a group of astronauts traveling in space trying to track radio signals emitted by a monolith found on the moon.

In 1968, the film flirted with artificial intelligence to demonstrate the technology of the Heroes spaceship, which, among many other things, It included a computer that could communicate and socialize with the crew as if it were another human being, a sort of Siri from the future.

Its 2013

Directed by Spike Jones, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, this film is another romantic drama between humans and cars. Well, his character will fall in love with a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence.

However, this film is not far from reality, as in Japan, a country characterized by its technological development, there have already been cases of men getting married on digital dolls.

1927 Metropolis

1927 science fiction film1927 science fiction film

It was impossible not to name on this list a pioneering film in the science fiction genre, artificial intelligence and robots. It is a mute film, in black and white and with very rudimentary effects compared to the present.

It belongs to the German Expressionist movement and its history consists of a dystopian world that develops in 2026, where the city called “Metropolis” is divided into two social classes. The rich, politicians and scientists live in exclusive places, full of futuristic buildings, and the working class, working in the most privileged technology factories, must gather in ghettos.

An interesting part of the film takes place when an automatic robot named Maria appears, which motivates the lower classes to confront the political and social system imposed by the city elite.

This film is an icon of the fact that he was the first to address the issue of artificial intelligence when the computer age had not even begun, he was also the first to officially accredit the word robot.


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