Artificial Intelligence Helps Company Optimize Hospital Bed Space

BOSTON (CBS) — A company is helping combat the coronavirus with the power of artificial intelligence. normally uses its software for real estate property management.

The tech company now is using it to figure out who to fit the maximum number of beds in a hospital while following social distancing guidelines.

The solution won a COVID-19 Crisis Challenge launched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

ai uses an algortithm to safely determine how many hospital beds can fit in a room (Photo Via

According to Galvin Widjaja, the founder of the company, it is as simple as taking a picture of a hospital room and running it through the company’s software.

“In a lot of hospitals that are kind of private hospitals that have been converted, they are built for luxury, not optimization. And so what you would have is you would have five beds in the space of between nine and 14 different people which means you could actually just run this on the lower density hospitals and you could increase the number of beds by two or three times,” Widjaja said.

Widjaja said artificial intelligence can also be used to safely optimize space in restaurants and other businesses when they reopen.


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