Global Artificial Intelligence journalism Index and media’s engagement with technologies in AI era

How can I find out how the media is currently using the Artificial Intelligence journalism technologies?

Are there any specific tools or solutions for each media organisation about what the newest Artificial Intelligence technologies are using to produce content?

And how we can exchange our knowledge of these media organisation to give to other journalists, the general public, or even other media outlets?

The GAIJI new AI journalism’s Index is considered as the world’s first index to monitor media use of AI journalism technologies. It has been designed to measure, track and visualise the performance of media companies using AI journalism technologies in producing, publishing and promoting content.

The GAIJI Index is a vital tool used by the AIJRF in discovering and enhancing media experiences in AI journalism technologies. An analytical report will be published annually.

The GAIJI Index confirms the leadership of Dubai and the Emirates in the Arab world in the development of technological tools, whether it relates to the media or for the benefit of people in general.

The GAIJI Index uses six key indicators to determine the international ranking of each media company in terms of its reliance on AI journalism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s technologies in the media industry, which are:

1- Artificial intelligence technologies in use: The index measures the number of AI technologies each media company employs. These include robotics, 3D printing, big data analytics, robotisation of marketing, machine learning, algorithms, content automation, blockchain news and tools to detect fake content.

2- Produced content: The index measures the number of reports, videos, posts and other content produced through AI journalism technologies or tools.

3- Human talent: The index measures the number of journalists and reporters who have the capability to use AI journalism technologies or tools.

4- Total investment: The index measures the media company’s volume of investment spent on AI journalism technologies or tools.

5- Knowledge transformation: The index measures the number of courses and programmes offered by the media company that aim to transfer its knowledge in AI journalism to other companies or journalists.

6- Innovation: The index measures how media companies develop and upgrade AI journalism technologies when it has been integrated into the work environment.

The GAIJI Index will focus on the 7G Journalism technologies that are being explored by the Artificial Intelligence Journalism Think Tank, and it will measure the growth of all 7G Journalism tools from now until the beginnings of the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

The GAIJI Index relies on several tools to collect data, including:

1- Monitoring and analysing data and information: The research team tracks and analyses media industry information and data in order to identify the volume of information, news and reports produced usingAI journalism technologies. Study samples will be included in the index.

2- Designing open polls: Targeting experts and journalists working with AI journalism technologies.

3- Personal interviews with experts and academics: Industry leaders with ground-breaking experience in AI journalism technologies.

4- Personal interviews with journalists in target media companies: Individuals who are directly aware of AI journalism technologies.

The GAIJI Index also will be part of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF), which will be held in Dubai in March 2021, The AIJWF is the world’s leading platform in designing the future of media and touching human lives. It seeks to explore the era of Artificial Intelligence journalism and 7G journalism, by presenting real experiences for international media in the use of AI technologies in editing and writing processes, data analysis, detection of fake news, use of 3D printing, big data analysis, data journalism, and other technologies of 4IR related to media.


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