An NFT vending machine comes to New York

Near Wall Street in New York City, an NFT platform recently set up the city’s first non-fungible token vending machine. Here, it will be possible for passers-by to acquire NFTs using traditional credit cards.

To democratize access to NFTs, the Neon crypto startup has now set up an NFT ATM in Manhattan’s Financial District. And while about 16% of Americans own a cryptocurrency wallet, this ATM will allow you to make your purchase with a traditional credit card. Once you’ve made your choice and inserted your card, you’ll receive a box containing a unique code to “activate” your NFT on Neon’s platform. The ATM will be open 24 hours a day at 29 John Street, and it is reportedly the first of its kind in the city.



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blockchain, New York is advancing an NFT ATM that can be considered the “world’s first NFT vending machine.”

— Giviyt | NFT Promoter (@Giviyt_NFT)

February 25, 2022

The company’s goal is apparently to support artists and creators who want to sell their digital work. By allowing purchases in traditional currencies, the company also hopes to further popularize the sector and gain exposure for its platform. The American company Neon is an NFT marketplace and gallery built on the Solana blockchain, known to be one of the fastest and most environmentally friendly. Indeed, Solana has taken into account environmental constraints throughout its development and is particularly energy efficient.

In any case, for the Neon platform, the NFT vending machine is a shrewd publicity stunt in the heart of New York. And it could give ideas to other entrepreneurs and investors…

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