The characters of The Lord of the Rings made with artificial intelligence

Lord of the Rings. (Photo: IGN Spain)

The Lord of the Rings has been a benchmark in the fantastic genre even before cinematographic history took its success to the level of excellence. For this reason, various versions of his most iconic characters live in the heads of many people and have been formed through Tolkien’s descriptions of each character.

But today people are not the only ones who can imagine flesh and blood literary characters, because this artificial intelligence has done just that and shows the results.

Through a Medium post, Jim Clyde Monge shows the results of DALL-E 2 imagining the characters from The Lord of the Rings. As a reminder, DALL-E 2 is an artificial intelligence capable of creating images simply by entering text.

For this reason, Monge took the opportunity to bring the characters of this legendary series to life. On top of that, they are completely different from the movies, much closer to what you see in the books. With the exception of a few mistakes or misunderstandings, the results are clearly fascinating.

Therefore, Infobae will show below how the characters of The Lord of the Rings imagined by an artificial intelligence:

Frodo Baggins

You have to start with the protagonist of The Fellowship of the Ring, the first book in the series. Frodo Baggins, who is played by Elijah Wood in the film, is actually completely different from what you see in the movies.

In the first book, Frodo is a muscular man with cheeky cheeks. red. He, too, was taller than most hobbits, with a cleft chin and hopeful eyes. But the most surprising thing of all is that, in the series, Frodo Baggins is 50 years old.

The Lord of the Rings created by the DALL-E 2 AI. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)

Samwise Gammy

If Frodo had been different from the main character in the first episode, the reader can already imagine a fate very similar to that of the rest of the cast.

This also applies to Samwise “Sam” Gamyi, who is described as “short and stocky”, with dark hairand slightly straw complexion. Also, his eyes are quite big and black.

The Lord of the Rings created by the DALL-E 2 AI. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)

Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf the Gray has also been greatly improved. As one of the most iconic characters in The Lord of the Rings, it’s rare that so much freedom is exercised to portray him on film. Fortunately, Sir Ian McKellen did an excellent job.

In the books, Gandalf is described as “strong”, but “smaller than the average man, in terms of his hump”. Also, you can see that his hair is long and white, with a beard of the same color.

In the movie, however, Gandalf is presented much more elegantly. With a “thin” appearance and much more colorful clothes than described in the book as the story of the movie progresses. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, has done a great job of bringing it into the real world.

The Lord of the Rings created by the DALL-E 2 AI. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)


One of the most important characters in the history of The Lord of the Rings. On this occasion, you can see that the artificial intelligence and Viggo Mortensen have done a great job in bringing Arathorn’s son to life.

Aragorn is described as “ thin and tall”, with shaggy black hair with gray streaks. His eyes were the same color as that lock, silver and deep.

Meanwhile, the artificial intelligence lured him with brown eyes. However, the rest of the description seems to match well with what is seen in the book.

The Lord of the Rings created by the DALL-E 2 AI. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)


The loyal archer elf, Legolas, also has his own AI-generated version. Perhaps the most difficult to express, considering the very little representation of the character that J.R.R. Tolkien shows in his work.

Thanks to Legolas, it is known that he is agile and incredibly powerful, with the ability to swing his bow quickly. He is also quite large, light and very fast.

Although the movie shows Legolas with blonde hair and blue eyes, Tolkien never fully cleared it up. In fact, according to people in the franchise, this light-colored hair is extremely rare, and most elves sport fairly dark hair, including Legolas. This last form is how the artificial intelligence decides to represent the character.

The Lord of the Rings created by the AI ​​DALL-E 2. (photo: Jim Clyde Monge)


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