Artificial Intelligence Creates Human Evolution Artwork And Results Are Terrifying

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making rapid strides by showcasing what it can do in various fields. Recently, many social media users have been posting images of AI-generated artwork. These are based on prompts given by users on different platforms, which are free to use. While some of these images are cute, others paint a ghastly picture. And now, one content creator has posted a video of AI-generated artwork on Instagram that shows various stages of human evolution and predicts what is coming. The video has amazed as well as shocked the internet.

The 39-second clip has also been shared on Twitter and other social media platforms. It starts by showing a monkey and show how modern-day humans evolved from there.

After some time, the video takes a dark turn and shows how technology is taking over. From a man holding a mobile phone to humans first turning into cyborgs and robots to finally into a supercomputer.

During the transition, many alien-like figures have also been depicted surrounded by cables.

The video first appeared on Instagram two weeks ago, where it was posted by Fabio Comparelli, a digital content creator. Other users have shared it on Twitter too with credit.

On Twitter, the video has received 4.6 million views and more than 1.51 lakh likes.

“Oh look, it’s Satan,” commented one user, posting the screenshot of one of the frames from the video. “Can someone explain what the hell the AI is thinking when it draws “the future”?” asked another.

“I think, Be human is so hard,” one user said on Instagram.

Another content creator used artificial intelligence technology to gender-swap celebrities, and the compilations have become an instant hit online.

Some of the celebrities included in the artwork are Elon Musk, Cameron Diaz, Chris Hemsworth and Eminem.

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