Dubai Tram drivers monitored by artificial intelligence in safety drive

Dubai‘s transport authority is trialling the use of artificial intelligence to monitor tram drivers.

The Roads and Transport Authority on Sunday said the data collected could be used to cut accidents, prevent unsafe driving, show incident hot spots and enhance passenger safety.

The system includes a smart device and an armband that tracks drivers’ heart rates, speech patterns and reaction times to assess driving style, unsafe patterns and gestures based on profiles.

The system includes a smart device and an armband that tracks driver heart rate, speech patterns and reaction times. Photo: RTA

The RTA said the data collected is then “processed from both incidents and routine operations to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individuals”.

“Transportation networks and their assets are widely known as critical infrastructure that require attention to detail and special protection,” said Hassan Al Mutawa, director of rail operations at the RTA.

“Looking at the potential of human errors and how to mitigate them, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority uses the latest innovative solutions such as artificial intelligence. Following a successful trial, we expect to implement it across … Dubai Tram.”

It is the third phase of the trial using a deep learning model developed by Spanish firm Own Experiences, which has a research and development office in the UAE called “Virtue”.

Three years ago, the RTA introduced facial recognition software to monitor stress levels and signs of fatigue among drivers.

The RTA said if a driver shows signs of tiredness or lack of concentration an alert is sent from the main control room via a series of sounds and seat vibrations.

Dubai Tram, which runs along Al Sufouh Road and Jumeirah Beach Road, opened in 2014 and is operated by Keolis MHI.

The network connects to Dubai Metro and Palm Jumeirah’s monorail.


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