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Will Synthetic Intelligence (Human Designers) or Artificial Intelligence (Machines) make the next generation fashion designs? Let’s take a look at this. However, there is another question we must answer first. Is Fashion Design Art? Or is it a Commercial product?

How much of a Fashion Design is art? How much of it is a merchandise? Must the design be beautiful, flawless or just trendy and easy to sell? And what about comfort …

BDGLR The first native born metaversal fashion brand by MetaWear

Those are all crazy questions, but we should be asking more often now. A fundamental change is about to take place in the fashion industry.

Digital art is a popular concept since metaverse raised in 2021 and not only Metaversal usage of digital fashion but marketing and PR usage of eye-catching marvelous ghost garments walking all around the digital podiums globally.

Digital form of Fashion gives brands and artists unlimited possibilities and for sure getting more engagement in all marketing channels. But now on top of that Artificial Intelligence is coming in to Fashion Industry

MetaWEAR Corp. so called “Fashion Bridge Between Digital and Real World“ is bringing Artificial Intelligence in the fashion designs. They already did actually. Machines making a lot of decisions there… As of today, they produce digital wearables for nearly 350 (three hundred and fifty) different metaverses. They produce the designs and models of the brands in the real world exactly for other worlds. In the company, there are digital equivalents of all kinds of physical activities and positions, from digital tailors, digital designers, digital choreographers, to digital fashion show organizations, as in the real line. In fact, they even have a brand born in the metaverse, which was created only for the metaverse (Bondeglaur) BDGLR which you will see all around the world very soon.

In fact, ıt is not only the Metaversal use of fashion design and products, but also the use of glamorous, gorgeous metahuman Ghost Models in digital media marketing and public relations, appearing on digital catwalks around the world.

The digital form of fashion offers brands and artists unlimited possibilities, and undeniably 8K quality Ghost Walk walking on the Giant screens attract more attention than any old generation fashion shows. These gigantic shows are both eye-catching and provide huge cost advantages to institutions.

Brands are using these new tools, which create direct access to the GEN — Z, as their most important marketing and communication strategy.

In addition to all these mind-blowing developments, Artificial Intelligence is now meeting the Fashion Industry.

MetaWear Photoshooting EVE & EVE & EVE …

MetaWear Corp. Calling itself “The Fashion Bridge Between Digital and Real World”, a global Web3 company focused entirely on Digital Fashion Design and Production and actively using artificial intelligence for fashion designs. Currently, artificial intelligence makes many decisions within the company.

It’s hard to believe and sounds like a sci-fi movie script, but the Company’s Next-Generation-Human (Meta-Human) fashion icon EVE (Eve) is not only a digital Runway Model, but also has Sentiment analysis capabilities.

EVE The First Digital MEtahuman Top Fashion Model / AI Fashion Designer

EVE is a machine, using Artificial Intelligence. Se continues to work as a fashion buyer and designer who makes decisions with Artificial Intelligence. (Since the first day she was born 24/7) is a truly mind-blowing development.

EVE is already on the podiums around the world. Now she has started to create the clothes he likes… Or we can say “the clothes we like and will like”. Yes, we “humanity”

Sample primitive design from AI (EVE Jan 2023)

Since we have %80 of the world population’s preferences, comments, likes and dislikes on social networks. It is easy to get fashion related information from this big data… he said.

Eve, the first Metahuman Metaverse model that we created two years ago, is now capable of working with supercomputers.

She is directly connected to the internet main frame, Blockchain main net, and social apps with a very sophisticated API’s (Application Programming Interface) connection. Thus, she can read all your reviews on all design brands and online shops.

There is a predefined parameter that we need to fine-tune. When one says, to conceive something easy to sell or beautiful, the end result goes in totally opposite directions. That leads to the final question. Is fashion the art of merchandising? I guess that’s the question that even artificial intelligence doesn’t have an answer to yet.

She can make a 92% analysis of precise feelings filtered on the fashion design and fashion taste of the audience and create combinations and collections.

Very First and Primitive Artificial Intelligence Designed Combination. Still there is too much way to go but this is the input we all contributed (EVE Jan 2023)

MetaWear Corp. doesn’t just combine global design capabilities with artificial intelligence. We can say that the company is focused on bringing together all the fashion knowledge and talent in the world.

Because every month, Metawear Fashion Dome Decentralized system organizes a fashion design competition, which is open to the whole world, on a decentralized Blockchain and evaluated by anonymous voting, and 30 designs are selected by investors and users on the system every month. The artificial intelligence “EVE” chooses five of them according to its own taste and the winners are rewarded.

Moreover, the winning designs of this monthly competition will be displayed in the most sophisticated Metaversal Fashion Display House MetaWear Fashion Dome in the form of AR Augmented Reality, VR Virtual Reality and 3D Digital Wearable in a ultra-realistic metaverse world.

This competition is open to all young and old, student or professional designers in the world, and it also supports them to exhibit their designs for a month on a metaverse with a million-dollar investment with a single design, win a cash prize and add a unique experience to their portfolios.

In fact, we should call it the taste of the world filtered and analyzed through artificial intelligence and served for our purposes. The AI has the ball now let’s see and appreciate the outcome together.

These are small steps of Artificial Intelligence in every field and there is a long way to go but we can say that the Fashion Industry is already there.

AI selection and matching design created by the combination of our preferences AI create not the best, but new ideas for the world as well.

Very soon We will all see if the future of fashion will be designed by Human Synthetic Intelligence) or Artificial Intelligence (Machinery)

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